Vita EDO was conceptualized when CEO Chris Pondoc saw some of the problems high school teens face when searching for extracurricular opportunities.

Our Story

While he was walking around the city of Downtown Frederick, CEO Chris Pondoc noticed the abundance of “Help Wanted” signs plastered on the windows of local businesses. As a freshman in high school, he also recollected how many of his friends were seeking jobs, volunteer, and internship opportunities but were having difficulties finding them. He decided that he had to fix this problem – thus, Vita EDO was born.

Our Team

Vita EDO was started up by founder and CEO Chris Pondoc, and eventual COO Blue Shapiro. As programmers, videographers, and non-profit owners, they decided to team up to tackle the ever increasing problem of helping students find jobs. They are both high school seniors from Frederick, Maryland.

Our Community

Vita EDO has fostered connections all across the Downtown Frederick community. Aside from the over 100 job postings, 250 student users, and almost 50 students getting hired through Vita EDO, our company is a member of the Frederick Innovative Technology Center (FITCI), particpated in “The Edge” Summer Accelerator Program, works closely with the Frederick Youth Advisory Council, and disseminates its message through its array of high school peer ambassadors.