About Us

Vita EDO was conceptualized when CEO Chris Pondoc saw some of the problems high school teens face when searching for extracurricular opportunities.

Our Story:

While he was walking around the city of Downtown Frederick, CEO Chris Pondoc noticed the abundance of “Help Wanted” signs plastered on the windows of local businesses. As a freshman in high school, he also recollected how many of his friends were seeking jobs, volunteer, and internship opportunities but were having difficulties finding them. He decided that he had to fix this problem – thus, Vita was born.

Our Three Core Competencies:


Every student should have a fair shot at getting the job they deserve, whether this job helps their family, helps save up for college, or even provides essential experience for a future occupation.


No student should be forced to work at the local restaurant around the corner because that’s the only job available to them. Students should have access to a wide range of opportunities, not just those in their immediate areas.


There are a plethora of opportunities just waiting in the real world – the only thing left to do is connect those opportunities with the right students.

Our Team:

Chris Pondoc
CEO and Founder

Chris Pondoc is a junior at Frederick High School in Frederick, MD. Pondoc is adept at a variety of tasks, including iOS application development, web application development, and other types of programming. Further, despite his love for computer science and all things math, he has also developed an interest in economics, digital content creation, and entrepreneurship overall. He is the founder of Vita EDO and aims to continue to scale this grassroots movement into a national phenomenon. In his spare time, Pondoc enjoys playing basketball, editing videos, and programming.

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Blue Shapiro
Blue Shapiro is a junior at Saint John’s Catholic Prep in Frederick, MD. Blue is very well-versed in the field of entrepreneurship, understanding the ins and outs and digital media marketing and even having started his own non-profit taco truck in the past. As one of the members of the Vita EDO team, he hopes to scale Vita EDO to a national level and assist in the communication between our team, students, and other employers. In his spare time, Blue enjoys cooking, graphic design, and running track and field.