How it Works

Check out how Vita connects students to their next best opportunity, thereby connecting communities together.

Students Explore Possibilities

As high school students, we understand how hard it is to find a meaningful job, volunteer, or internship opportunity. Whether you are saving up for college, helping out your family, or simply gaining experience for your future career, Vita provides the most diverse array of options to choose from. Search, find and apply for jobs directly on your mobile device or desktop. Manage all of the jobs you have applied to from a convenience secure dashboard.

Employers Discover Candidates

While it may not seem clear-cut, hiring high school students reaps many benefits, including generating buzz through word of mouth and instilling new workplace cultures and attitudes. Using Vita, you can search, connect, and communicate with a plethora of candidates within your vicinity.

Communities Connect and Cultivate

Aside from just understanding the trials and tribulations of finding a job as a high school student, we have also always enjoyed visiting our downtown city in order to find new places to eat, new venues to shop at, or simply new activities to experience. In other words, the environment is always warm, lively, and tight-knit. Through the cycle of connecting students with local employers, we hope to disseminate these effects to communities all across the country and potentially the world.