Counties: Frederick

Type of Apprenticeship: Youth (High School)

Occupation: Reclaim Helper

Industry: Refrigerant Recovery

Sponsor: Frederick County Public Schools

Sponsor Address: c/o FCPS 191 South East Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Job Description: The reclaim helper apprentice will learn and perform the following: Paint and label refrigerant cylinders. Test, weight and sort refrigerant cylinders. Wash refrigerant cylinders. Perform customer service for drop in clients. Vacuum cylinders to <500 microns and repair as needed. Change oil in vacuum pumps. Run Van Steenburgh reclaim machine for R22. Run Van Steenburgh reclaim machine for R134a and non-condensable runs for both refrigerants R22 and R134a. Understand and use a pressure/temperature (PT) chart. Fill 30lb. disposable cylinders with reclaimed gas. Fill 125 lbs. cylinders with reclaimed gas. Prepare virgin cylinders to be filled with reclaimed gas and assist with office cleaning and help to keep everything organized.

Program Length: 450 Hours

Total Weekly Hours: Minimum 10

Starting Wage: $10.10

Minimum Age: 16

Minimum Education: Must be enrolled in the Frederick County Public School System

Other: More information can be found on https://www.fcps.org/academics/apprentice-program

About AllCool Refrigerant Reclaim

About Us

AllCool Refrigerant Reclaim LLC started 12 years ago with a vision to help protect our environment for future generations. We do this by managing used refrigerants and teaching the importance of proper recovery techniques to maximize their potential of being reclaimed. These practices not only help protect the environment but make use of a resource that can be re-used many times.