Help older adults in your community by providing small, neighborly services. The Member Care team provides assistance with navigating county and state agencies, offering resource referrals, and assistance with completing forms and applications. Neighborly assistance and resources are available for those transitioning home from hospital stays, as well as for caregivers in need of support in caring for a loved one. You can also help with something as simple as a friendly visit or phone call at your convenience to remind our members that they are not alone. A background check is required, and orientations and constant support are provided.

About Partners In Care

Partners In Care was founded on the principle of “neighbors helping neighbors.”  We have always recognized the value of working together with community volunteers and organizations to provide strategic support for our older adults.  Partners In Care promotes active engagement of members and their families by offering no-cost transportation, home repair, and member care services in exchange for donated time, gifts or talent.  Our programs and services contribute to the overall safety and well-being of Frederick County's aging population.

Partners In Care believes the real wealth of a society is its people. Every human being can be a builder and contributor. Through volunteerism and member service exchange, we provide opportunities for older adults to reach their full potential while aging in their own homes.