Counties: Frederick

Type of Apprenticeship: Youth (High School)

Occupation: Production Assistant

Industry: Food Processing

Sponsor: Frederick County Public Schools

Sponsor Address: c/o FCPS 191 South East Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Job Description: Working daily under the instruction of a journeyman meat cutter or master butcher, the apprentice will: provide customer service, including responding to questions, cut and prepare all varieties and cuts of meat, including the safe operation of tools. Provide customers with information needed to make product-related decisions. Help to verify and load and unload meat deliveries from trucks. Maintain, fill and rotate product in meat cases. Monitor freshness of meat products throughout the day. Move meat from coolers to cutting area and return meat to coolers. Maintain high standards for product guidelines insanitation, freshness, trim and cutting. Clean equipment. Assist in other duties as assigned.

Program Length: 450 Hours

Total Weekly Hours: Minimum 10

Starting Wage: $10.10

Minimum Age: 16

Minimum Education: Must be enrolled in the Frederick County Public School System

Other: More information can be found on https://www.fcps.org/academics/apprentice-program

About Wagner Meats

The Wagner family has owned the Mt. Airy institution since 1953, and the current owners have been running the store since the 1960s. The family added the popular retail store 29 years ago, but the large building on Main Street also houses facilities to process beef, lamb and pork stock, ensuring that everything sold by Wagner’s is fresh and produced in-house.