Prepare for Opportunities

Introducing Vita EDO’s new education portal, designed to help you launchpad your future.

More than Jobs

At Vita EDO, we realize that high school is not a linear path – it is filled with fresh starts, nuances, and more twists and turns than one could imagine. Using our collection of 3-5 minute videos, you will be ready to craft the perfect application, nail your resume, and find success in the workforce.

A Diverse Team of Instructors

As high school founders, we understand that our work experience is limited — in fact, some people may have been working longer than we have been living! Thus, we are working in collaboration with HRAnswerBox to provide great workplace content for students.

General Logistics

Want to know what type of opportunities are out there? Want to know when you are eligible to get a job? Check out these videos to find out.

Application Help

Looking to craft the best application for a job or internship? Tired of getting denied? Watch these short videos to get aid on one of the most crucial parts of becoming a professional.

Success in the Workplace

After successfully understanding the different types of opportunities and applying to your ideal career, know how to make the most of your experience.